Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you done shopping?

I think that tonight I will finally finish up my Christmas shopping for the season. Then, all I will have to do is make cookies. Sounds simple when you say it out loud... I just have to make cookies. Ya right! I have to make 30 dozen (at least) and 5 or 6 different kinds of cookies! My big idea this year was to buy various cookie jars and platters and to make cookies and give those as gifts. I think it will turn out to be a great gift, but I also think that it would have been easier to just buy a different gift! LOL! My lovely mother (bless her soul!) offered to help me make the cookies this weekend. I quickly accepted her offer and asked if we could make the mess at HER house! Now, I just have to narrow the pile of recipes that I have down to 5 or 6 and get all of the ingredients. Stay tuned for pics of the masses of cookies and the recipes of the cookies that I decided to bake!

Who still has shopping or baking to do?



Nicole Orriƫns said...

I have to buy some cookies for the school Christmas dinner, but fortunately not as many as you do!

Good luck with all the baking!

Rachel said...

Dang, girl -- that's a lot of cookies. It's a great gift idea, though.

I only have four more gifts to buy, but only two of them have to be given out on Christmas day. I think I'm going to "wrap it all up" with a shopping day tomorrow.

Mommy Monkey said...

I do, I do! We are going to bake on Saturday.

Here is a good recipe to try as an alternative to cookies:

Cresent Rolls, Cream Cheese Squares