Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun with Secret Santa!

I am proud to be part of an online forum that is made up with several mommies, most of us having had babies that were born in June of 2007 (some earlier, some later). This is a wonderful group of women to share with, vent to, rejoice with, and get advice from! We have made it a tradition to put the babies in a secret santa exchange for those who want to participate and Keegan was in it this year! Tomorrow, the 15th, is the reveal on our board but since I leave for work so early in the morning and have a hair appointment right after work tomorrow, I let Keegan open his gift a little early. Thanks so much Cassie and Aiden for the wonderful gift! For those of you wondering what it is, it is the Discovery Learning Sounds Projecter. Keegan and Brendan were both laying in Brendan's bed for a long while watching it on the wall right after we opened it. I will be getting Keegan some more slides for it to put in his stocking for Christmas!


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