Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baskin-Robbims BRight Choices

With the New Year under way, I know many people resolve to be healthier. I am definitely one of those people! My weakness though is ice cream, especially Baskin Robbins! There is a location right by my work and every once in a while I like to stop in for a special treat. Now, I can stop in and have a treat and not feel bad about it! Baskin Robbins just introduced a new line called BRight Choices! They have different flavors to choose from and you can even choose to create a cake, shake, or sundae out of their BRight Choices, making your options even more appealing!
  • Their new Premium Churned Light Ice Cream has 50% less fat and 20% fewer calories than the regular ice cream. So, with only 130 or 140 calories and 4.5 grams of fat you can indulge in a scoop of their vanilla, chocolate or raspberry chip ice cream without feeling an ounce of guilt!
  • Is sugar a no-no in your diet? Then try their Premium Churned Reduced Fat Ice Cream with No Added Sugar! Wow! My dad is a diabetic, so he'll be super excited to hear about this! I think I'll take him out this weekend for a nice scoop of Butter Almond Crunch Ice Cream.
  • How about Frozen Yogurt? I love frozen yogurt, it's definitely a healthier option and just as tasty as ice cream. Their Fat-Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt only has 90 calories per serving!
  • If you want a Fat Free & Dairy Free option, then the Strawberry Sorbet is the way to go. This yummy treat only has 80 calories per serving.
"Diets" are always daunting. But changing my lifestyle and the choices I make when it comes to eating will be much easier with this delicious treat as a guilt free option!


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PurpleGreenPops.com said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little ice cream treat every now and then.

Especially if it's Baskin-Robbins!