Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dyson Domestic Diva

As I sit here watching my two boys throw pieces of their dinner onto the carpet, I dream about being chosen by MomDot to be a Dyson Domestic Diva! I'm in dire need of a new vacuum cleaner, but can't seem to convince my husband that the Dyson is worth the money that they cost. I would LOVE to be able to test out the Dyson Animal so that I can show my skeptical hubby how wonderful and magical these machines are. I'm of course hoping that the vacuum will live up to my every expectation, as I have never actually used one. But in my dreams, the Animal is light-weight and glides across the room with little effort picking up every piece of dirt, food and lord only knows what else off of my floor. In my dreams, the Animal is fearless, taking on any job large or small. In my dreams, this vacuum can actually keep up with the continuous mess that my children make, and makes the dirt and grass that my husband brings in on the bottom of his work boots disappear in the blink of an eye! Oh Dyson Animal.... please make my dreams come true!

Are my expectations too high? My husband thinks so. I would LOVE the chance to prove him wrong (insert sinister laugh here)!