Tuesday, October 21, 2008

His first pony ride!

Look at my big boy! We went to Yates Cider Mill this past weekend. Brendan say the ponies and right away wanted to go for a ride. We got in line and he watched and waited patiently and when it was his turn, he knew exactly which pony he wanted to ride.

I lifted him up and set him on the saddle. Then I heard it.. what every mom dreads hearing. "Mom, don't hold onto me!". It took everything I had not to keep my hand right there around his waist. I was so afraid that he would fall and hurt himself. But, he was determined to ride this pony all by himself, and so I let him. Ok... I held onto a tiny piece of his sweatshirt in the back. Don't tell him! LOL!

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twinks said...

Oh look at the excitement on his face.. he sure look like he's enjoying every minute of it..

Take care :]