Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anyone have a good recipe?

Well, I think I'm set on the menu for Sunday. I bought the bird today.. all 20 lbs. of her! I just hope I don't let her (or my guests) down!

Since there are a few people that don't like green bean casserole, I decided to make some yummy glazed carrots instead. Only problem is.... I've never made them before. LOL! Anyone have a recipe for yummy glazed carrots?



Mommy Goggles said...

I have never made these in person before, but OMG I LOVE carrots! These souns yummy!,1650,130177-244195,00.html

Tara @ Feels like home said...

I have a recipe on my blog for candied sweet potatoes, but you could very easily make candied carrots with it. In fact, all of my family members mix their steamed carrots with their sweet potatoes to spread the sweet juice around. :) Good luck!

Felicia said...

This is priceless!