Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love Zales!

I have to tell you about the wonderful experience that I recently had with Zales Online. For Mother's Day last May, my wonderful husband purchased the stackable mothers rings that I had asked for in the two boys birthstones for me. Since Zales doesn't carry the specific item that I wanted in their stores, he had to purchase it online. Of course, my husband waited until the very last minute before buying these rings for me and when he completed the purchase, he realized that it would take up to two weeks for shipping! In a panic he went out and bought be a new set of golf clubs so that I would have a gift to open on Mothers Day but lo and behold, the rings arrived within 4 days and on a Saturday to boot! When I opened the box on Sunday, I was stunned. I not only didn't know that he had actually ordered them for me, but they were more beautiful in person than they were on the screen! I was extremely happy! Only one slight problem... they didn't fit. Now, to return them. I was nervous sending them back through the mail to Zales, but within a few days there was a credit posted back into our account for the full purchase price. So easy!

Finally, a few weeks ago I got back around to re-ordering them. I felt kind of guilty that hubby had spent so much money on me. I mean, after all I wanted to keep the golf clubs too! I went online and re-ordered them in the correct size and they arrived as quickly as they did the last time. I love wearing these rings! They remind me of my boys and they are a great conversation piece. Everyone is asking me where I got them from and I proudly say "check out Zales!".


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