Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm asking Santa for the Ceiva Digital Frame!

If you haven't seen this digital frame, you HAVE to check it out! For those of you with loved ones that live far away, this frame will be invaluable to you. With the ability to receive new pictures daily via an existing phone line or computer, Ceiva is set high above the standards of your ordinary digital photo frame!

In three simple steps, you could be receiving photos instantly. First, choose the frame that is perfect for you! Second, register your frame and activate your PicturePlan membership. Third, send pictures from your camera phone or computer. It's THAT EASY! Better yet, with $100 off the original price and free shipping, you can't go wrong!

Ceiva also has a fun way for you to sit on Santa's lap without leaving the comfort of your own home and a contest you can enter to win $500 to buy whatever it is that is on the top of your wishlist this year! I chose the above picture of me and one of my best friends to sit on santa's lap for the interactive video because it's such a fun picture and one that I'd definitely want loaded into my frame! 29 randomly chosen lucky people will win this contest (one for each day of the contest). If I win, I'll definitely be getting a Ceiva digital photo frame for myself and my mother!

Go sit on Santa's Lap today and tell him what you're wishing for this year!

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Wendy said...

These are SO COOL. My in-laws have one and we're all the time sending pictures to their frame. I wish we had one, too!